Take Action: 31 Day Fitness Challenge

If you follow me on Instagram or read this post here you may have seen my collaboration with several other Chicago area trainers to kick of 2014 on the best note possible! If you don’t follow me on Instagram…what is wrong with you?! Add me now! Just kidding…but not really, do it! My handle is katehiipakka. Creative, I know. Yeah, that’s two “i’s” and two “k’s!”


Gina Caifano, the founder of gMotivate.com, is a personal friend of mine and one of my daily inspirations. This little “nugget” packs so much energy, enthusiasm and passion into her tiny self you can’t help but feel happy and ready to go whenever you’re around her. When she asked me if I wanted to participate in a 31 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE I didn’t even take a breath before responding with a solid, “YES!”

Join us along with Liu Gross, Betina Gozo and Nikki Metzger to put our resolutions and goals into ACTION! Follow all of us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates, videos, tips and tricks. Track your progress with the hashtag #getswoll. We’ll be posting daily fat burning and strength building workouts for 31 days straight. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band in order to do each workout. Don’t have a resistance band or dumbbells? GET THEM or track them down at your gym of choice! You can find both at Target, Dick’s, Sports Authority, etc. Now is not the time for excuses!


A bit about the team…

Gina: Nike Trainer and ACE Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and Founder of gMotivate. Gina is finishing her Masters in Nursing from DePaul University and is prepared to use that knowledge along with all her favorite exercises & fitness tips to get you motivated.  As the founder of gMotivate she will push you and leave you feeling faster, stronger, and better!
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Nikki: Nike Master Trainer & Ambassador and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She recently moved from Downtown Chicago to Scottsdale to open BODI and take the Scottsdale fitness community to the next level. She aims to energize, inspire, and push her clients to continually be their best.
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Liu: Nike Trainer, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  He is grateful for any opportunity to help challenge people from all walks of life and varying goal levels achieve what they set out to do.  Liu is currently in the training program of Ken Kearns to further his abilities in boxing and MMA.

Betina: Certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who found a passion for fitness once she finally built up the courage to pick up weights. Between training on her own and attending group fitness classes regularaly she continues to discover more about her body and alternate forms of conditioning – she literally claims to be an endorphin addict!
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We’re really excited for tomorrow, to start this challenge and to start the New Year. We’re holding each other and YOU accountable to sweat every day for the next 31 days.  Invest in your health, invest in yourself. NOW is the time to take the steps necessary to achieve your goals. They will NOT reach themselves, you guys. Let us push you, let us help you get to where you want to go. So here’s the deal. Each workout will have 4 drills to build muscle, torch calories and burn fat. We’ll post video demo’s so you’ll know exactly what to do! Gina’s blog will be the hub for this challenge but we’ll all link back to each other. Follow along, sweat, ask questions, share your experience, track your results, SUPPORT each other. We’re in it together!

Happy New Year! 2014 is going to kick so much ass.

Image via: Motivate Me

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