Don’t Make Resolutions. Make Yourself. Part III.

Lovers. Today is the third installment of The Four Percent’s FIRST series, Don’t Make Resolutions. Make Yourself. If you missed the introduction make sure you take a peep here! And if you missed last week’s inspo click here!

Today I bring to you a thought from Betina Gozo, the Fitness Director at Cross Town Fitness. If you’ve met B you know what I’m talking about when I say her energy is TRULY palpable. Her passion for all things health and fitness radiates off of her and her classes will not only kick your ass, but you’ll have fun doing them. Her natural ability to motivate makes each athlete work that much harder mostly because you want to LOOK like her as soon as possible. #Abs.

Here’s her main mantra…

Betina GozoThe girl has a point. It’s one thing to TALK. It’s another thing to WALK. The first move is always the hardest and the most indimidating. Don’t think. Just DO. Get yourself going, make the commitment and will yourself to keep putting one foot infront of the other. Don’t let your excuses be your crutch. The challenge is always worth the reward.

To workout with Betina at Cross Town Fitness click here. She also personal trains clients one-on-one! Good news! Click here to Train with Betina.

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