Don’t Make Resolutions. Make Yourself. Part II.

Today is the second installment of The Four Percent’s FIRST series, Don’t Make Resolutions. Make Yourself. If you missed the introduction make sure you take a peep here!

This Thursday, I bring you a call to action from Emily Hutchins, Nike MASTER Trainer, and co-owner of On Your Mark. I met Emily a little over a year ago and was immediately inspired (and a little intimdated) by her strength, speed, agility, and general aura of bad-ass-ness. I mean, LOOK at her. Hello, biceps!

You may recognize Emily as she was dubbed as one of Chicago’s HOTTEST trainers. Obviously, I agree!! Emily’s enthusiasm for health, fitness, and life in general is contagious and you can’t help but want to be a better athlete around her and push yourself harder. I like that. Her words to you as you begin your goal setting for 2014.

Drum roll please….

Emily Hutchins Chicago

To learn more about Emily and On Your Mark clickclickclick here.

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