Swiss Ball Ab Burner Workout

Chicago has been lucky enough to experience one helluva Indian summer and with it means outdoor brunches and cocktails clad in fleece, puffy vests, Ray-Bans and boots (October is the BEST). I can’t think of a better combination. Too bad Monday rolls around often leaving us feeling less than fit and anxious to get back into the swing of our workout routines.

Check out the below to wake up those abdominals and regain that tight and in shape physique you may have potentially left behind on Friday. Grab a Swiss Ball and get to work to target your core, back and glutes! I love using a Swiss Ball because it adds an element of balance to each drill. When you incorporate balance to any exercise you automatically kick up the intensity, incorporate your total body, and challenge your core to do more work.

Complete each drill with 10 reps and do each set 5 TIMES. Do NOT rest in between drills, and give yourself minimal recovery between sets.

Roll Out

To make this even harder challenge yourself to move in counts of 3’s as you roll out and in.


Hold the pike at the top for a few extra seconds to really feel the burn go throughout your quads and your lower abs.

Pull-in with push up

The lower you bring your chest to the floor the more your upper body will be engaged.


Move slowly and with control, don’t snap yourself up and flight yourself back down. For this drill gravity and momentum will not change you.

Plank hold

On the floor (for a modification) or on the ball hold a fore arm plank from anywhere from 30 seconds – 2 minutes depending on your level of fitness, challenge yourself! Make sure your back is flat and your hips are in line with your spine. Don’t let your butt pike up, or sag to the floor. Your elbows should be right underneath your shoulders.

Side planks

Challenge yourself by positioning the ball away from a standing source or wall. Do each side for 30 seconds.

Mountain Climber

Your challenge and modification here comes in the form of speed. Take your time for an easier drill or move your legs quickly for a challenge. Keep the ball motionless and lean into your shoulders to engage your upper body. Try not to let the ball move back and forth with your legs.

Back Extension

To prevent injury your spine should start in a neutral position.

Glute bridge

This set is guaranteed to ABSolutely burn (ha ha ha). Stay strong and breathe through it! Don’t have a Swiss Ball? You can do each set on the floor, message me for substitutions!

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  1. Those are great core exercise. You can also try TRX pike if you have problem with balance using Swiss-ball. I have definitely rolled off to the side more times than I like to admit. 😉 This movement develops coordination and strength in the entire body, integrating the core with the upper and lower extremities.

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