Monday Workout

Work off the Weekend Workout

Every Monday we have the chance to start fresh. The weekends not only provide a chance to rest, relax, catch up on sleep/errands/social life, but also reset our attitudes. Come Monday morning we have a renewed enthusiasm for our weekly workouts and are energized to move forward on a strong foot. Do this work out to sweat off the weekend using your own body weight.

The gist is to hammer out one set of four 60 second exercises followed by a series of 30 seconds holds ending with a final 60 second exercise. There are four sets for a total of 45 minutes. Trust me, this burn is good so don’t half ass it or you’ll miss it. Seriously.

Set 1:

60 second squat
60 second burpee
60 second downward dog push up
60 second bicycle crunch

For the following 4 rounds do 30 seconds of squat holds followed IMMEDIATELY by 30 seconds of forearm plank. Do one set after the other, do not rest and keep your transitions smooth and controlled. After all 4 sets are complete then you recover. Okay?

4 rounds:  
Squat hold
Forearm plank

Do a final 60 second side plank (right/left for 30 seconds each).

NOW you can rest. For a minute. Then move on.

Set 2:

60 second alternating forward lunge
60 second triceps push up
60 second double crunch circuit
60 second forearm plank alternating knee to elbow

4 rounds:

Quick feet in place
Cardio plank

60 second glute bridge

Recover. For a minute. That’s it. Move on.

Set 3:

60 second plank push up with rotating side plank
60 second flutter kicks
60 second walk out to push up
60 second sumo squats

4 rounds:   

Squat jumps
Sumo squats hold (hold the sumo squat position)

60 second forearm plank

Recover. Only a minute. Now go.

Set 4:

60 second ski jump to single leg squat
60 second side lunges (30 seconds each side)
60 second tempo push ups (3 counts down, 1 count up)
60 around the world abs (feet on the floor with a bend in the knee crunch to the left and lower back to the floor, crunch center and lower back to the floor, crunch to the right and lower to the floor, repeat)

4 rounds:

Mountain climbers
Toe touches

60 second Russian twists – YES that’s going to feel so good.

Recover. Hydrate. Pat yourself on the back you BAMF!

Have a great week!


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