Inspiration Spotlight: Lauren Shannon


A few months ago I met Lauren through the NTC Lincoln Park Marathon Training CREW. Not only was I blown away by her energy but I was SO inspired by her speed, agility, and dedication. I mean, this chick whips out sub 8 minute miles on the regular. I know – she’s bad ass. We were catching up one day after a particularly hard workout and I commented that she was KILLING her training. Her response seriously gave me chills, “I have a goal.” Never losing her focus and keeping her eye on the prize Lauren is tracking to finish the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 3 hours and 30 minutes(ish). I really thought about Lauren’s words and what commitment is all about.

It is in the moments of pain, through the times of challenge, and constantly pushing ourselves do we need to remember why we started these fitness journeys.
They are hard, but they are ALWAYS worth it!
Don’t forget. And don’t stop.

More About Lauren:

•A long time runner she started her running career as a sprinter – hence her need for speed!
•The NTC community encouraged her to push herself further than her go-to half marathon distance and do her first marathon. She didn’t fully commit until August!
•Lauren is in the consulting world and often on the road which can make training hard.  She likes running because you can do it anywhere!
•She relies on the NTC app and classes to ensure she’s building muscle throughout her body to improve running and keep muscles/joints healthy and strong.


Thank you, Lauren for inspiring me to push harder, and rev up my mileage! See you on the course!

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